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Lorraine Visalli

Staff Accountant

Lorraine is a seasoned professional with a Bachelor of Administration from the University of South Florida, marking the foundation of her career. Commencing her journey in accounting in 1997 with Tracey Heun Brennan, she played a pivotal role in the evolution of the firm into Brennan, McLaughlin, Minahan & CO (BMM) by 2010. After briefly venturing into entrepreneurship within the hospitality sector, Lorraine seamlessly returned to the realm of accounting in 2005, rejoining BMM.

In the dynamic landscape of financial services, Lorraine’s wealth of experience and commitment to excellence has stood out. In 2023, Lorraine joined the FHHP team following its acquisition of BMM. Lorraine currently resides in Cape May County and continues to bring a unique blend of financial acumen and managerial expertise to her endeavors.

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