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Every season is tax season at FHHP.

Whether the goal is increased cash flow or simply compliance, FHHP’s tax team is decidedly proactive. For clients of all sizes, we prepare quarterly or even monthly statements. Beyond mitigating tax liability surprises, this degree of attention reveals seasonal fluctuations and other intricacies that can reveal opportunity for individuals, businesses (corporations, partnerships, and LLCs) and an area of growing complexity and demand: Estates, trusts, and gifting.

Estate and trust tax preparation

Estate and gift-related tax planning can reduce or eliminate tax due on business transfers and asset distribution – if done right. Performed in-house, FHHP’s estate and trust tax preparation guides you through the complex process of getting financial affairs in order – and working for future generations.

We understand, future-proof, and optimize your business.

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Determination of a business’s value is high-stakes, ripe for scrutiny, and wholly dependent on accountability and expertise. 

Financial Planning

Personal wealth presents great opportunity – but, like business itself, is ripe with risk. The value of careful stewardship can’t be overstated and is precisely what FHHP provides.