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Gauging profitability. Ensuring cash flow. Understanding operating agreements. 

The things developers and investors don’t want (or know how) to do, FHHP has handled across a staggering number of real estate ventures for 60+ years. Structuring fundraising and portfolios, verifying compliance, tax planning, and timing key milestones are just a few more FHHP specialties within this dynamic vertical.   

A theme emerges 

The tangible benefits of FHHP’s involvement in real estate engagements reveal themselves readily. Then there are the intangibles. In transactional scenarios in particular, FHHP’s engagement has a way of grounding and focusing real estate projects, portfolios, and deals. In short, our work and working 

In addition to auditing, accounting, and tax strategy, FHHP offers real estate clients the following consulting services: 

“FHHP is well-versed in tax strategies like cost segregation studies and 1031 exchange transactions that help you maximize return on your investment. We understand the real estate market’s volatility, and leverage our experience and relationships to provide reliable information likely to help you optimize the value of your assets.”

Ryan A. Ricci, CPA, MAcc, CVA