Agriculture & Food Processing

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An industry ripe with change – and opportunity.

Today, successful food producers double as brokers, product packagers, and distributors – a far cry from what agriculture entailed when FHHP first served farmers in 1959. Amazingly, some of those early clients are still with us today. As accountants and advisors for the area’s most prolific farms and produce brokers, FHHP brings the expertise that modern producers need to keep growing and keep going.   

White-glove advisory across every season.

The deep financials we generate on a quarterly basis equip our team to make big, bold suggestions – the kind today’s field-to-shelf landscape demands. How many boxes are going out? What are average costs on labor and raw materials on a per-package basis? What’s the source of revenue? This brand of analysis arms emerging and established agricultural and food processing entities with the ability to not just survive, but evolve and thrive. 

In addition to auditing, accounting, and tax strategy, FHHP offers agriculture and food processing clients the following consulting services: 

“Our firsthand experience is the backbone of our expertise in the agriculture & food industry. For decades, we’ve helped take clients from small farms to large regional food production and brokerage companies.”

James D Hammerstedt, CPA, FHHP CEO and Managing Partner