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From broker to blueberry producer extraordinaire

Vincent “Skipper” Consalo comes from a long line of produce brokers – so pressure was on when he forged out on his own in 2003. In need of an advisor and knowing our vast experience in the agricultural space, he reached out to FHHP. 

The start of a company – and a shared respect 

From financing to company structuring, FHHP was by Consalo’s side in those early years, lending our expertise and edge to the quest for market share. Within a few years, we saw the writing on the wall: To survive in today’s marketplace, Skipper needed to become a farmer. He set his sights on one of New Jersey’s largest blueberry farms. 

Services provided:

Advisory as art and science 

When it came time to purchase the farm, FHHP identified a quality lender who became Consalo’s banking partner on the project. Better yet, by highlighting the individual components of the farm purchase – irrigation system, buildings, equipment, and more – we identified tax write-offs that might have been otherwise overlooked. 

“With a diversified staff that answers any and all questions, FHHP is an invaluable resource. Basic accounting insights as well as complicated tax planning and strategies are always available for discussion. Quarterly reviews set the pace for good year-end planning, and the firm is ripe with beneficial suggestions.”

Skipper Consalo, President, Consalo Family Farms

The results speak (and taste great!)

Today, Consalo Family Farms is the second largest blueberry producer in New Jersey and a leading provider of packaging, private label, storage, and shipping solutions for North America retailers. FHHP was instrumental in cementing the financing and strategy at the heart of its popular citrus repacking label, Little Little Smoochies. Add a forthcoming facility, a 60,000-square foot freezer, and updated packing machines, and FHHP’s consulting services continue to prove their worth. Above all, our relationship with Consalo highlights FHHP’s ability to tie together and synchronize many moving parts – key to protecting Consalo Family Farms’ personal and business assets for generations to come.