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A key ingredient in company growth

In 2013, FHHP began consulting for Buona Vita, Inc., helping the New Jersey-based Italian specialty manufacturer navigate complexities inherent to food production: Raw materials commodities costing, cost accounting, and other accounting needs.  

Looking ahead together

As Buona Vita’s trust in FHHP grew, so did our role. In addition to tax and accounting work, FHHP began analyzing Buona Vita expansion opportunities and offering input on contract pricing. Four FHHP accountants now work onsite at Buona Vita’s headquarters several days each month, tackling finances and assessing larger business moves. 

Services provided:

Prevailing despite the pandemic

When Covid-19 brought the economy to a screeching halt, FHHP helped Buona Vita secure financing needed to continue operations as an essential business. As the pandemic carried on, we worked together to right-size staff, forecast volume production, and strategically allocate PPE funds. 

“FHHP helped us navigate two historical events that could have changed the trajectory of our organization. In 2012, they collected the data we needed to collect on an insurance policy. In 2020, during the early days of Covid, they provided key details needed for PPE assistance. We enthusiastically engage FHHP instead of hiring a full-time in-house CFO.”

Paul Infranco, President, Buona Vita, Inc.

Same Product Quality, New Opportunities 

Today, with FHHP by its side, Buona Vita is building a manufacturing facility and developing a new product line. Our team contributed to the build’s site selection and procurement and is optimizing tax strategies across it all. The results speak volumes. Despite labor shortages and supply chain challenges, Buona Vita’s profits have increased dramatically this past year – a testament to many things including the forward-thinking expertise of the FHHP team.